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My Application.. [07 Dec 2004|05:11pm]

[ mood | sore ]

My Application..Collapse )

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Her [11 Oct 2004|08:53am]

[ mood | bitchy ]

Staring into her eyes, deep pools of blue
I am lost to the world, lost to all feeling
Love is my arrow, flying towards destiny
I never thought it would be over so soon

The knife in my back was placed with sweet promises
Un-kept and untruthful, said to lead me on to betrayal
Trust was a thing I gave too easily, blinded by my heart
And all she could do was smile as I bled

Shattering, the pieces of my broken heart cut at me
Tore at my being, tore at my soul
Smiling, she does not care for me
And all she could do was laugh as I cried

She could have told me the truth and I would have parted without so much sadness
But she strung me on, telling me our relationship was paved with gold
Lying through her teeth again and again
And all she could do was run when I screamed for help

Voice of treason, heart of malice, eyes filled with hatred
She is the siren that called me in with her song
Using me only to heal her wounds, feeding the hole where the other had killed her
And all she could do was lie as I succumbed to pain

The angel from my nightmare, staring at me on my deathbed
Savior and executioner, double sided and cunning
One thing said, another thing done
And all she could was hide as I died inside

She was my love, she was my life
She was everything to me
The light in the darkness, a hand to pull me from shadow
And all she could was thank me as she became a voice in my memories, and nothing more

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Texas [02 Sep 2004|11:22am]

[ mood | crazy ]

Hey ya'll what's up? This is your co mod speaking. lol. yea. n e ways, I tell ya, I love Texas, I love bieng here, but when Leah is in school this place is duller than even Merrimack. And as you all know THAT IS SAYING SOMETHING. The name of the town is Dawson, not to be confused in anyway with the town in Dawson's Creek, which compared to this place looks like LA. So far it's 11:30 and I've counted a grand total of seven cars that have gone by. SINCE 6:15 A.M. THIS MORNING!! LOL LOL I LOVE IT HERE!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA. I can breath here! It's dull, but I love it all the same, the sky is a softer blue down here. My grandparents (who we're staying with) live across the road from a cattle ranch and I got to see the big black cows early this morning ^_^ MOO!!!!!MOO MOO HAHAHA MOO!!!!! well g2g talk to ya'll later.


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[02 Sep 2004|11:51am]

[ mood | chipper ]

let's see. sarah should get her computer hooked up soon. Umm.... i'm writer's blocked so no new poetry but i can give you some old shit, that a lot of people have already read. No one updates here anymore. it's so sad, but it'll all be better, soon enough.


i don't know if i posted this one, but it's worth reading it again! it's sad. I'm in a happy mood these days so yeah. getting along with mom. andshit. which is good. okay i'm leaving now.



DepressedCollapse )

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Application. [26 Aug 2004|07:30am]


My Application.Collapse )

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i have a question... [12 Aug 2004|08:00pm]

i created my own community but its not letting me post in it?its gona b the first post does ne1 know why its doing tht?thxs
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APPLICATION [09 Aug 2004|07:57pm]

x Name: Bryana F.
x Nicknames: Bry, Sweeti, Ducky,Banana,Cousin Fred(don't ask)
x Age:13
x Sex: female
x Fav Color[s]: my bros mix cd-bowling for soup,AFI,drowing pool,etc
x 3 Fav Movies: idle hands, 10 things i hate about you, not another teen movie
x Fav lyric or quote:"and i dont want the world to see me cuz i dont think that theyd understand when evrythings made to be broken i just want you 2 know who i am.."Iris-Goo Goo Dolls
x 3 Fav Books:the good dog, the cat and the hat, where the heart is(so far so good!!)
x Gay Marriage/rights: i think if u love a person it shouldnt matter.if a girl loves a girl but is very happy then they should go to a town tht supports it and get married if thats what they wish.(same w/men)
x Suicide/Depression: i think its a terrible thing.and people that are depressed they should try and get help thats my opinion.my great-aunt was when she lost her husband but she went through sum treatment and now she's doing a lot bettr.
x Abortion: if a teenage girl gets pregnant then wants an abortion i feel she shouldnt get 1.she was irresponsible to have unportected sex in the first place so i feel she should go through w/ havin the baby then either keep it or put it up 4 adoption.if the grl was raped thats a different story.it was against her will so she should have the choice.but abortion is killing a baby and its not right.
x Drugs/Alcohol/Cigarettes: drugs ushouldnt do just plain and simple,alcohol if ur 21+then go ahead just don't abuse it,cigarettes are so gross and nobody should do it.i've seen so many people die from it and its sad what it can do.
x Have anything else to say?:yes..lol my last app was bad thts y i made this 2nd i had sera over so i didnt really want 2 put long answer down cuz i didnt want her to critcize it and b like dont put tht down thts stupid.i dont think she would do that but i didnt want tht 2 happen cuz its my opinion.
x: my comp wont let me ='( and is slow
Now a sample of what your joining this for!
Either a poem, part of a story, a picture,
art..anything *not just raging please*
x: again comp is slow
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[09 Aug 2004|01:51pm]

[ mood | blah ]

x Name:Kari Alicia Stancombe
x Nicknames:well, some of my friends insist on calling me karebear,(gag).
x Age:15
x Sex:F
x Fav Color[s]:Blue and Purple
x 3 Fav Songs:um, i like to many to pinpoint.
x 3 Fav Movies: The Butterfly Effect, Cold Mountain, and Practical Magic.
x Fav lyric or quote:"You must be the change u wish to see in the world"- mahatma Gandhi, Indian spiritual leader and non violence activist(sappy, but i like it)
x 3 Fav Books:The Outsiders, Pirates, and A Seperate Peace.
x Gay Marriage/rights:Just let them marry, its no big deal.
x Suicide/Depression:i beleive ppl think about suicide at least a few times in their life, and for depression, it happens to all of us.
x Abortion:Only if the baby will cause health complications to the mother or if the woman was rape. Other than that, if u can't take care of the baby, just give it up for adoption.
x Drugs/Alcohol/Cigarettes:drugs are dumb, alchol is OK once in a while, and ciggarettes are just plain gross.
x Have anything else to say?:Not really

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application [09 Aug 2004|12:05pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

ok im a stupid idiot if that makes any sence. just realized i never posted an application and i had to be fuckin half asleep when i did. and i just figure out how to post on the thing so feeling stupid so yeah here it is.
x Name:Alexandra Leach you call me that i will blow your head off
x Nicknames:Allie i refuse to name any more
x Age:15 in september
x Sex:female
x Fav Color[s]:blue and silver
x 3 Fav Songs: i miss you blink 182 i think, song 14 on daredevil dont know the name, and legend of zelda that is so awsome
x 3 Fav Movies:spirited away (gotta be subbed not dubbed), daredevil, and idk princess mononoke
x Fav lyric or quote: uh got 2 but ones to long the other: sitck and stones i'll break your bones but word aren't worth a quarall
x 3 Fav Books:damn only 3?i got to many. well the pendragon series(not about dragons), amelia atwater-rhodes books, and harry potter
x Gay Marriage/rights: they have to let them get married or what ever they're alays sayin it everyone is created equal its in the fuckin constitution
x Suicide/Depression: not to good but exists in most lives including mine
x Abortion: murder
x Drugs/Alcohol/Cigarettes: drugs are so stupid and alcohol is ok if its not abused and cigarettes are the worst thing in the world i will never use them i get enough of it from my stupid dad cause he smokes so much in the car in the house and hes always respectful when people come over or we are with other people and doesnt smoke or does it out side why cant he do the same with us its like he cares about others health more then our own! maybe he thinks we're used to it and thinks we don't care well guess bloody not i do care i hate him and dont want to be around him because he smokes and i should stop ranting not*deep breath* ok im done
x Have anything else to say?:hehe i think i said enough before
Now a sample of what your joining this for!
Either a poem, part of a story, a picture,
art..anything *not just raging please*
x:well like i said im half asleep and dont wish to type something up cause that would make my mom more mad at me then she is so i will do but not now.

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[08 Aug 2004|09:50pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Aww crap i'm a horrid co mod, can't keep up with nothin. n e way we have a new member, simply_sweet14 . . . uhh, hmm, who is this girl? guy? person. . . creature. . . thing. . ., yeah, WHO ARE YOU!? Umm, look, i'd really apprecite it if people who join, post thier application, or just a post saying who they are immediatly following thier joining.

not required, yet, i'm gonna ask sera to add it to the rules though.

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[08 Aug 2004|02:11pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

So sarah's doing great. Missing her computer, cause she's going physco, but it's fun to watch. Yeah, it's my brother's birthday he's 20, loved his gift, but what pisses me off is he's never going to read the book i gave him. I mean come on! that's so not fair.  He can't make his reading better if he doesn't read! You see my brother has a reading disorder and yeah can't read or spell, sometimes it's cute, cause it's funny. Like when he tried to spell cucumber. lol. Okay anyway..... yeah. thought i'd check up on this place. a couple of poems maybe. Some some people have already seen but yeah. OOOO! and i got to shave William's head. Highlight of my day! okay.




poemCollapse )

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my application [04 Aug 2004|06:37pm]

[ mood | cold ]

x Name: Amanda Leigh Skonetski
x Nicknames: Manda, A Leigh, girl
x Age: 15
x Sex: Female
x Fav Color[s]: Green Silver and Black
x 3 Fav Songs: at the moment? Heres's your Letter (blink 182) Missing you (blink 182) F***ed up kid (Mest)
x 3 Fav Movies: Pirate of the Carribean, LOTR, Leagaly Blond, Time line and Secondhand loins
x Fav lyric or quote: "I'm talking to the celing, my life just lost all meaning, do one thing for me tonight, I'm dying in this silence" ~ Blink 182, Here's your letter
x 3 Fav Books: woa, only three? umm. . . Treasure at the heart of tanglewood, Adventures of Tom Saywer, Hedi (it was the first and only thing my grampy bought me)
x Gay Marriage/rights: do i belive it's right, no, am i gonna say make it fine? no. Am i gonna say stop? No, it's your choice, just don't push it on me.
x Suicide/Depression: it's the weak way out
x Abortion: absolutely not, it's murder
x Drugs/Alcohol/Cigarettes:hell no, i get high on mountain dew who the hell needs that shit? besides drugs make ya puke.
x Have anything else to say?:
Now a sample of what your joining this for!
Either a poem, part of a story, a picture,
art..anything *not just raging please*

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APPLICATION [04 Aug 2004|05:09pm]


applicationCollapse )

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Vicki's Application [02 Aug 2004|07:01pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

x Name: Victoria Katherine Heinrich
x Nicknames: Vicki, ikciv, shorty, dork jr
x Age:15
x Sex: I'm still a virgin (no j/k female)
x Fav Color[s]: black, red, green
x 3 Fav Songs: This Time Imperfect-AFI, Top of the World-Dixie Chicks, True Colors-Cyndi Lauper
x 3 Fav Movies: Wayne's World, Lion King,  Batman series

x Fav lyric or quote: Nothing from nowhere, I'm no one at all_ Miseria Cantare_AFI
x 3 Fav Books:Harry Potter, Vampire Chronicles, Carrie
x Gay Marriage/rights: I believe gays should have the right to call thier civil unions marraige. It's about love, not gender.
x Suicide/Depression: Umm... No comment.
x Abortion: I'm very against abortion casue it's killing someone, and i don't like that. Put the baby up for adoption. I'm against it but I like the choice.
x Drugs/Alcohol/Cigarettes: Well drugs, no way in hell. Alcohol, is okay for people over 21 and only if they drink responsibly. Cigarettes.. Ew. Talk about having a house reek of smoke, and your clothes, plus I'm allergic to the smoke in the first place. Watch me be a heavy smoker when i grow up.
x Have anything else to say?: hmmm... I like bubbles. And vanilla bubble baths. Oh! and They're coming out with cinnomen bubble bath! yay! I bake the best cookies in the world, from my secret recipie that only me and lesley know about. I'm going to bake a cake for my bro's 20th on sunday. It's going to be Mt. Wanttohawkaloogey from Finding Nemo, we watched that last night and he thought it was great. He fell off the chair laughing. I wouldn't let him go to bed until the initiation was over. Well that's it.
  of me. Okay.

that' me  a few years ago, and no that's not my dad it the trainer dude.  It's my fave pic of me cause I'm ugly and fat, so yeah. here's another one.

god that's such a hideous pic. you can see my fat belly.. oh well. I'm smiling and i look cute. I wonder what face William was making inside the costume. Yes my brother is the easter bunny, and my dad is Santa Claus. But trimmed off his beard for the princesses vacation. LOL he never had one! he's a fake.

Okay fuck the above statement. THis is my favorite pic of me. Aren't I cute. okay i'm labeling myslef, must stop.

Now a sample of what your joining this for!
Either a poem, part of a story, a picture,
art..anything *not just raging please*

There's some at fictionpress, my name's mrbubblesandme here's a poem



A dark hole that swallows up your life,
And takes away your happiness,
Making you a lifeless form,
Making dark circles under your eyes.
Tears of sadness,
Creep down your eyes,
And make you miserable,
While the dark hole eats you up in triumph.

oor two

I Want My Mommy

I want my mommy,
who's not here right now,
I want my mommy,
to hold me in her arms,
I want my mommy,
to say it's okay,
that everything's fine,
I'm just having a bad day.

I want my mommy,
to come out of the ground,
I want my mommy,
to stay here forever,
I want my mommy,
to be alive again,
instead of in that coffin,
resting her head.


That one was really about me wanting my mom but added the death in at the last moment.

Well here it is. my application for this community.



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12 more days! [02 Aug 2004|11:08am]

[ mood | happy ]

So..... I'm eating tater tots. No that not what iwanted to write but yeah.  I'm bored. It's August. I can legally drive soon. William and Jens' b-day are sat and sun, but i have no fucking clue what i'm giving them or what we'll be doing for those b-days so eyah.


Pray for Emily's 4 year old cousing, who was sent to the hospital yesterday and had a spinal tap, who might not walk. Poor kid.  So sad. And be sure to look at sarah and her horse. Lovely pics. She's so cute. Even has the beige pants and all., and the boots. I rode horses once. For a summer. I only made it to trot cause the instructor sucked monkey balls. She wa s horrible. I was still on leadline too.  my favorite part was grooming the horse. But no offense Erin, but Ponemah Acres Sucks.  Anyway, go Sarah and riding. It wasn't my thing, although when i'm older I will own a horse. i want to own one. I'm good at caring for them but not riding them. They're so beautiful. Okay so yeah, I was blessed with tapping feet. I;m good at tap. Ballet i don't like. Jazz is fun, except for the 220 crunches we do.And modern with bethany is awesome. Amy sucks. I love watching her dance, but her classes aren't for me. Too fucking hard, but i've said that before so. I 'm going to leave. maybe shower or stay talking to Kris. Cya.

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couple of poems [29 Jul 2004|10:04pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

In a hole deeper than any before,
Falling far from what I used to be,
And nobody can really see,
Nobody remembers what I used to be,
Except me,
And it hurts,
More than anything else,
Living with the fact that,
No matter how hard I try I can’t,
Can’t go back to the way I used to be when I was innocent,
The time when I was pure,
But now nothing remains but a shell,
So cold,
So tired,
Never flying,
Always falling,
Deeper and deeper,
Never flying,
Forever falling,
Down down down,
I fall,
How I plead for the one chance,
To be how I used to be,
But that plea can’t be heard,
Down down down,

Touched by a light,
But tainted by the night,
Why do you try to change me?
Why do you insist I’m wrong?
Are you to weak?
To weak to see that,
After all my planning,
All my scheming,
All of my hiding behind closed doors,
The pretending to care,
The lying,
The deceiving,
Can you not see?
See that I have become a god?
A deity of the night,
Fighting for my place,
My place at the right hand of the devil?
On his throne of fire,
In the deepest circle of hell.
You see only the darkness in me,
But do not judge me by that,
Wait to see my soul,
Don’t interfere,
Don’t meddle in things you know nothing of.

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